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Whats Going on in this man´s mind?

Ways to surprise you, persuade you, and amaze you. He is a master of manipulation, controlling your emotions and leaving you in awe. What happened? Who is he? This dapper gentleman that made you question all that is real, all you expected. He flipped your world upside down and now, you`ll remember him. You met for a moment, but his mark of intrigue remains with you.

Nathan Hedger.  A man of many faces, a talent you can`t forget.



From gala dinners to beachside stunts, Corporate Magician Nathan Hedger has plenty of experience up his sleeves. Check out some of his appearances in the showcase or on Nathan's Youtube Channel. Whether you have a corporate event, private party, wedding, bucks party, hens party, awards night, VIP event, you name it, we have you covered! Packages include roving magic, stand up shows and stage shows. There is a package to suit almost any event! Based in Brisbane and available internationally. Get in touch now and book in for your next event! 



For more information on booking Nathan for your event or function, Contact us here!


Be sure to get in contact with Nathan for your next event or project before he disappears! 

Contact Number: +61 466 668 837

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Brisbane Magician Nathan Hedger, Hens Party, Corporate, Wedding, Birthday and more

For more information on booking Nathan for your event or function, get in touch now!

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